Monday, May 17, 2010

Romance Book Review: Bed of Grass

Author: Janet Dailey
Series Connection: Americana Series
ASIN: B0011N2P2G
ISBN: 0-7592-0093-9
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin

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While redecorating my house last week I was cleaning a dusty bookshelf when I came across an old series that I once spent months trying to find all the copies. Way back in 1976 Janet Dailey was first starting her career and had the chance to sell Harlequin a series that encompassed all 50 states. She wrote a book that themed around each of the states.

While in some of the books Janet Dailey went into descriptive detail about some feature in the state, in Bed of Grass it was a little more difficult. She describe the horse farms Maryland is famous for rather than an attraction or national landmark.

Those who have only been reading modern romance will probably be a little taken back when they read romances from the late 70's. The style is much different as it features the more rigid values of the the time period. Although I will say the story line in Bed of Grass is much the same as in some current day Harlequin romance books.

In Bed of Grass, Valerie is a young girl when she meets and falls in love with Judd. She gives him her virginity, but it winds up that he only sees her as just a woman who is willing to go to bed with him. When Valerie realizes she isn't going to mean anything more to him then a good time in bed, she leaves him. Later she finds out she's pregnant. When her grandfather, whom she lives with, finds out he kicks her out of the house.

Valerie has too much pride then to go to Judd and tell him, so she takes off and makes a life with her baby elsewhere. When her grandfather dies, she goes back to Maryland to pay her respects only to see Judd again.

This book was re-released several times over the years and it isn't too hard to find a copy of the book. It isn't a bad read for someone who like the Harlequin style and a happy ending.

Her wild youth was a thing of the past

Valerie Wentworth had paid dearly for the mistakes she'd made as a passionate girl. Turned out of her grandfather's house, she had raised Tadd, her son, all alone.

Now, after seven years, she had returned home for her grandfather's funeral--even though it meant confronting Judd Prescott again. Judd... who didn't know he was Tadd's father.

The man was more compellingly attractive than ever--but if Valerie had learned one thing it was to stay away from Judd Prescott. If only Judd would stay away from her!

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