Monday, May 17, 2010

Romance Book Review: Mated to a Wolf

Author: Marisa Chenery
Series Connection: Wulf's Den
ISBN:  978-1-59578-542-8

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Werewolf
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books

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I've been reading the Wulf's Den series from the beginning and am increasingly becoming impressed with Marisa Chenery's style of writing. I think Mated To A Wolf is the most erotic of all the series so far.

This edition to the series features, Billie's brother Finn. When last we saw Finn he was kidnapped by Gren to be used in his experimental magic spell to create a werewolf from a human. The experiment is unsuccessful, but it does leave Finn with some unwanted new abilities.

In Mated To A Wolf, Finn is drawn to the Wulf's Den. He doesn't quite know why because he hates werewolves, but one night he meets the wolf who is his mate Jocelyn. Not everyone is happy about the mating between Finn and Jocelyn, however, because Finn is human and they set out to take Jocelyn away from Finn.

Finn York had a bad experience with werewolves. Marked emotionally and physically from the experience, his aversion causes him to fight the attraction he feels for the female werewolf he meets at Wulf’s Den. Yet her scent draws him with the irresistible power of a werewolf’s mating instinct.

Jocelyn works as a waitress at Wulf’s Den. She’d noticed Finn months before but the sudden changes in him confuse her. When she serves him drinks one night he growls and sniffs the air as if he can smell her arousal and Jocelyn’s confusion escalates. But her interest in Finn heightens and she plots a way to force him to overlook his disgust to claim her as his mate.

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