Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Romance Book Review: Charlotte's Younger Man

Author: Emily Ryan-Davis
Series Connection: Year of the Soul Mate
ISBN 978-1-59578-704-0
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance/ Paranormal
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

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After celebrating her birthday with friends Charlotte has to work by attending a cuddle party. For her birthday her friend Linda gives her a special ring that has been passed around for years by all her friends. Those who wear the ring seem to find good luck with the opposite sex. Those who don't seem to have bad luck for the year.

Thinking better safe than sorry, Charlotte accepts the ring and wears it to the cuddle party. She's worn the ring before, but she never has the reaction she has when the young man sitting next touches her. To make matters more interesting, he seems to be having the same reaction.

Charlotte's Younger Man is very much an erotic romance. The book is made a little more interesting with time travel scenes of past loves and use of some very interesting toys.
Neither “past life experience” nor “pretty, pierced twenty-something” are on the agenda for legal aide Charlotte Kelley’s thirty-fifth birthday. She’d planned dinner with friends, opening of gifts, a few hours’ work investigating potential trademark violations at an area snuggle party, and a quiet moment with her vibrator before bed.

Journalism grad student and features reporter Heath Breck is working on an assignment, not scouting for a MILF. Women who attend snuggle parties are not his type and women who shop at Jones New York instead of Old Navy are totally out of the question—too expensive, too high-maintenance, and too intent on bedtime by 11 p.m.

A token from Charlotte’s childhood and a circle-of-friends ritual, however, make for a significant change in both partygoers’ plans.

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