Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Romance Book Review: Diamond Bay

Author: Linda Howard
Series Connection: Midnight Rainbow, White Lies
ISBN: 978-0727868855
Genre: Contemporary Romance Suspense
Publisher: Severn House Publishers

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This is a reissue of one of Linda Howard's most popular books. Kell Sabin is a repeating character in several books, but mostly remembered in Midnight Rainbow and White Lies. He is the mysterious head of a special secret government organization that takes down drug cartels and the like. Kell decides to take a vacation on his own and while out on his boat the bad guys find him and blow up his boat. Getting away in the nick of time he washing up on a Florida coastline where he is found by Rachel Jones.

Rachel has no idea who the man is who washes up on her beach, but she can't help but think he is in real trouble. When he asks for her help she can't say no. This puts her life in considerable danger. Both Rachel and Sabin call in reenforcements from friends that Linda Howard writes other books about.

This is romantic suspense is short but filled with action, lots of gunfire, explosions and love. Sabin and Rachel have an instant and passionate attraction. Linda Howard is part of a small group of romance authors who in the 1980s and 90s sparked the first erotic romances in the romance genre. Although not as descriptive by some in todays erotic genre, Linda Howard is really remembered for her passionate and graphic love scenes. 

Any hopes Kell Sabin has about taking a month's vacation from work vanish the minute several of Kell's "business associates" try to kill him. Although he manages to escape with just a bullet hole or two, he wouldn't have survived if Rachel Jones hadn't found him when he washed ashore not far from her cottage on Diamond Bay. Because her previous career as an investigative journalist taught her that things are not always what they seem, Rachel knows she is going to have to find out more about the wounded man who ends up in her home.

Helping Kell is a risk Rachel is willing to take, but the risk becomes even greater once Rachel realizes she is falling in love with a man with no future.

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