Thursday, May 6, 2010

Romance Book Review: Lovin The Cowboy Way

Author: Kelly Wallace
ISBN 978-1-59578-699-9

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Western
Publisher: Liquid Silver


Sarah just wants to make sure that her deceased sister's children are well cared for. Before signing the papers to make their uncle their legal guardian she goes to check out the situation. When she gets there she finds the house the boys are living in a mess, the boys hate her and their Uncle Raif is even more sexy than she thought. Deciding to make sure that the children are in a good place, she stays on to help Raif get the house in order.

Raif is seriously pissed. He couldn't believe that the ice queen has come to check him out. Before long she has him completely confused and more attracted to her than he wants to be. Now all he can do is hope that he gets her out of his house before he does something stupid.

Cute story with familiar story line. Both Raif and Sarah's characters are pretty predictable, but the writing is solid and a quick read.

When Sarah Collins loses her only sister in a car accident, she’s surprised to learn that guardianship of her two nephews and infant niece has fallen equally to her and her brother-in-law. Sarah’s not ready to be a parent, but can she trust playboy Raif Manning to do the job? Raif, an illustrious photographer, is ready, willing, and eager to give up his wild bachelor lifestyle. He’s just purchased an old, rundown farmhouse in Kansas and his number one priority is to restore it as the perfect place to raise his new family. Raif knows that he has to have a proper home for the kids if he’s going to convince Sarah to give him sole custody. But when Sarah shows up on Raif’s doorstep he’s completely unprepared. The house is in shambles, the kids are running amuck, and what’s worse? As soon as Raif gets an eyeful of the sexy Sarah with her sassy attitude and completely transparent suit of armor, he falls hard and fast. Little does Raif realize that while he’s trying to find a way to lure Sarah into bed, she’s finding her way into Raif’s heart and helping him realize his dreams.

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