Sunday, May 9, 2010

Romance Book Review: Hope's Child

Author: Helen R. Myers
ISBN: 0373655274
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Silhouette Special Edition

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When Hope's fiancée dies is an automobile accident minutes after she breaks the engagement she has to come up with an idea to protect herself and her baby. She turns to the one man in town she trusts to be honorable and protective, Chief of Police Lyon Teague.

Lyon has loved Hope for years, but believes that she is way out of his league. She comes from one of the richest families in town. She is invited to all the high society parties and she's engaged to an ex-pro football player. When her fiancée dies and Hope comes to him with a proposition, Lyon doesn't even have to think about it, his answer is yes.

Now the couple just needs to work out the details before Hope's father finds her a replacement fiancée and gets Lyon fired from his job.

This book has Silhouette written all over it. The book and writing are good for the genre and leaves readers with the happy feeling of a happy-ever-after story.

A woman with heart and dreams to match her name,

A man of strength and honor ready to help her reach them…

After the death of her fiancée, Will Nichols, in an accident that almost cost her own life, Hope Alessandro Harrell is left pregnant and resisting her tycoon-rancher father’s determination to marry her off to protect the family name and his interests. Not only is Hope not interested in being told who she’ll marry, she’s appalled that her father has joined those petitioning to have Chief-of-Police Lyon Teague fired. Lyon saved her from a fiery death and injured himself trying to rescue Will, too. And while Will had been a former football star and local celebrity, he was hardly the icon some believed.

Lyon had long been aware of Hope, but she was “hands off” because of her father--and then his childhood friend Will claimed her for himself. But now Hope thinks if Lyon marries her, they can resolve her problem with her father and save his job, too. Not wanting to risk losing her again, Lyon agrees--only he doesn’t want to “borrow” Hope just for awhile. Once she’s in his arms, she brands “forever” on his heart.

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