Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Romance Book Scene: The Wedding Garden

Author: Linda Goodnight
Series Connection: Redemption River
ISBN: 9780373875955
Genre: Love Inspired/ Religious
Publisher: Steeple Hill

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It has been 12 years since Sloan has stepped foot in Redemption. He had been forced out of town and he had vowed never to come back, but when he hears that his beloved aunt is dying he can't help but come and see out the last days of her life. When he gets there he finds that his aunt's much loved garden has gone into disrepair and as a tribute to her last days works to bring the garden, once famous for being the place where all the town's weddings too place, back to rites.

It was 12 years ago when Sloan disappeared without even a goodbye and broke Annie's heart. She had loved him and when he left without word she hadn't had the chance to tell him that he was going to be a father. Now he's back and as much as she wants to hate him she can't. She watches him as he takes care of his aunt and her garden, how he guides the son he never knew he had and even how good he is to her.

The couple still have same problem they had 12 years ago. Annie's father, the police chief, still hates him and still wants him out of his daughter's life.

"Are You My Dad?"

The young boy's question shocks Sloan Hawkins. Until Sloan realizes he is this child's father. Years ago, the former bad boy was run out of Redemption, Oklahoma, where, ironically, he was thought unredeemable. The only people who believed in him were his beloved aunt and Annie Markham, the girl he loved and left behind. Now Sloan is back to face his past and help keep his aunt's cherished garden thriving. But when he discovers his secret child - and that single mother Annie never stopped loving him - he's determined that a wedding will take place in the garden nurtured by faith and love.

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