Friday, May 28, 2010

Romance Byte: Lies and Seduction

Author: Victoria Black
ISBN:  978-1-60088-540-2

Genre: Historical/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Cobblestone Press


It isn't often that you find romances that take place in this era.

It is 1941 and the second World War is raging. Captain Adrian Carruthers abducts lovely Helen James in the belief she is a German spy. But Helen is no traitor. She wants to fight the enemy by using all the charms of her body.

Helen believes she has found her ideal first assignment in the handsome captain. Can she seduce him into telling her all he knows? The last thing she needs is a man who has already learnt a bitter lesson about women who trade their bodies for his country's secrets.

From the back of her book:
Victoria Black lives in Australia. She is especially interested in the Second World War. She loves—admittedly from the safe distance of time—the inherent romance and danger of those days, when heroes and heroines pitted their wits and their bodies against a merciless and determined foe. When she’s not writing, Victoria can be found in the kitchen, cooking. She loves fine food and wine, along with the occasional margarita.

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