Saturday, June 12, 2010

Romance Book Review: Claiming Earth

Author: Loribelle Hunt
Series Connection: Delroi Connection
ISBN: 978-1-59578-712-5

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Book 4 of the Delroi Connection features Janice Hawkins, a earthling telepath who holds the Tel Group responsible for the murder of her parents years before. The group killed her parents because they wouldn't let Janice become part of their secret organization as a child. Moving the story from where Loribelle Hunt left off in the previous book, Stolen Earth, Janice is on the planet Delroi working to get information the Tel Group is interested in. She doesn't want to work for them any more, but they have made it more then clear if she doesn't she will lose the only family she has left.

Now there is another complication in Janice's life. Falkor, second in command of his clan on Delroi has told her she is his mate. Janice is attracted to Falkor and wouldn't mind a night with him, but she can't afford to become his mate. That would mean certain death for him and other of her friends. After a visit of the infamous "Shadow" another earthling telepath that works for Tel Group, her best bet is to head home finish up her assignment and get back to trying to find a way to get back to her plan to bring down Tel Group once and for all.

Of course Falkor isn't willing to let her go that easily.

I haven't read any of the previous books to this series, but it didn't take much to become updated on the story. Not badly written and the characters were interesting. There were several very vivid sex scenes throughout the book, which included a few good telepathic action scenes as well.

Janice Hawkins is on a mission, and it doesn’t include getting wrapped up—or naked—with Delroi warrior Falkor Trace. No matter how appealing and sexy he is.

She’s determined to infiltrate the shadowy Tel Group homebased on Earth. The secretive organization of telepaths trained her, used her for dishonorable means, and may have been behind the death of her parents. When word reaches her the organization is once again recruiting minors, she knows the time has come to act. She may not be left standing at the end, but she’s taking them with her.

Falkor is intrigued by Janice—enough to follow her to Earth—but when he begins digging, he discovers she is a mix of lies and secrets. Unraveling them exposes a woman of courage and honor. A woman who has always walked alone. She may not be willing to admit she needs help, but he’s not about to leave her to such a dangerous undertaking on her own. But to emerge victorious, they must learn to trust each other--and time is running out.

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