Friday, June 25, 2010

Romance Book Review: Sanctuary Unbound

Author: Moira Rogers
Series Connection: Red Rock Pass #4
ISBN: 978-1-60928-046-8
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf/ Vampire/ Witches
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd

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While this book is part of a series it can be read and understood separately, but I would recommend starting from the beginning. Previous characters from the other books play a large role in this book.

After dealing with the threat of a vampire, alpha of the Red Rock Werewolves, Gavin, contacts an old friend whom he thing can help his pack win the war and protect the sanctuary he has built in Red Rock.

Adam has kept much to himself for the past 80 year in the woods of New England. He would have never have left the security of his home unless Gavin had contacted him. He owned so much to Gavin in helping him take care of a mess Adam had gotten into years before.

When he arrives in Red Rock he meets the town doctor, Cindy, and can't help but be drawn to her power and her blood. As a century old vampire he can control his urges. He doesn't need to feed from Cindy in order to survive, but when they come up against some problems and she sees how drained Adam has become she insists. Now the woman everyone at Red Rock wants him to stay away from is the only one he can think of.

Cindy isn't looking for anything long termed especially with a vampire that has a life thousands of miles away, but she can't help but be intrigued by Adam. She wants to have an affair with him and is counting on their attraction staying just sexual, but she soon realizes that isn't about to happen.

Before Cindy and Adam can even talk about making anything permanent they had to fight a pack of wolves who are being controlled by a vicious vampire and hope that they both make it out in one piece.

Interesting and well written take in the paranormal world were there are all different paranormals involved. I liked the authors imagination and her use of magic as the underlining power in all the beings involved.

New England is ideal for vampire Adam Dubois. His cozy home in the Great North Woods reminds him of a happier time when werewolves and witches were stuff of legends, and he was a simple lumberjack.

Hiding from past failures has worked for over eighty years, but a life debt owed to the Red Rock alpha has forced him to leave his retreat--and come face to face with a woman who challenges and tempts him on every level.

Hiding secrets is a lonely business, and Cindy Shepherd is lonely with a capital L. Red Rock isn't exactly crawling with available men, but her interest in the mystery-shrouded new vampire in town seems mutual. After all, it's only sex--there's no danger he'll dig deep enough to unleash the demons of her past.

Casual flirtation turns deadly serious when Adam discovers that the vampire plaguing Red Rock is using his mistakes as a road map. When it comes to his life, he knows Cindy has his back. But in order to secure the future, they both must trust each other with more--even if it means sacrificing themselves to save everything they hold dear.

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