Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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Hot Southern Nights
by Dianne Castell
ISBN-13: 978-0758223630
A sexy reporter finds home is where she'll find the smoking hot bad boy she once left behind...Roving reporter Churchill McKenzie's meddlesome tactics got her in hot water with a couple of Jersey toughs - but just because they ran her out of town doesn't mean she's going soft. Hiding out in Savannah, Church knows that her hometown is a hotbed of dirty little secrets. And one of the dirtiest involves none other than Cal Davis, a man from Church's own past. It turns out that Cal spent some time in jail after Church left town - and now his family wants her to help prove he was framed. Church vows to keep things professional, but it won't be easy. Helping Cal means getting up close and personal with the one man Church could never keep her hands off - and she knows this might be one assignment that's just too hot to handle...

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