Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Romance Book Review: Seducing a Wallflower

Author: Selena Illyria
Series Connection: Strange Hollow
ISBN 978-1-59578-681-4
Genre: Erotic romance/ Shifter/ Witch/ Paranormal
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

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The residents of Strange Hollow come to live there because they are misfits in their own societies. Nia is a witch, but she can't even conjure the simplest of spells. Her family completely ignored her, treating her like "a piece of wallpaper".

Bishop is an alpha werewolf rejected by his mate and his pack. He's moved to Strange Hollow where he can live his life. When Bishop first sees Nia he knows she is his true mate and begins to heal. He isn't quite sure how to approach her. When she wonders into the adult toy store he works at he knows he has to take his chance and get to know her.

As I started reading the book in the beginning I wondered how these two would ever get together. Bishop had apparently been watching Nia for sometime and never felt he could approach her. Nia, so wrapped up in her own little world, didn't even appear to know who he was. When they finally do get together it is like the two threw out their previous personalities and turned into confident sexual beings.

On the one hand I understand why the author had to change their personalities so quickly. There is only so much room in a short story to build a relationship, but I would have like to have seen a little more of the orginial shyness filter through on both characters.

Except for that I really did like this book as a part of the continuation of the Strange Hollow series. All of the series short stories are written by a few different authors. Selena Illyria kept to the theme of the other books. I definitely would read another book by this author.

Next book available in this series is: Fire Up by Vivian Arend and Celia Kyle

All Nia Reynolds has known is being seen and not heard. Being the only one in her family to not have magical ability is hard. On her thirtieth birthday, all Nia wants is to do something different. When she enters Sensual Were on a dare from Jacinda, she doesn't expect the instant attraction to sexy store manager Bishop Steward.

Bishop has had his eye on the sweet and innocent Nia since he first came to Strange Hollow. After being publicly shunned by his pack and his mate, he came to Strange Hollow to recuperate and be among outcasts like himself. Now that his heart is mended, he wants to go after love again and has Nia in his sights. This wallflower doesn’t stand a chance against his onslaught. So what if he insists of public displays of a sexual nature, can’t stop whispering sweet, dirty nothings in her ear, and gives her a birthday to remember? It’s only for a night, right? A sexy werewolf like him wouldn’t want a shy girl like her? Right? Wrong--and he's got a lot of tricks up his sleeve to convince her she’s just what he wants.

About the author from the back of the book:
I/R Author Selena Illyria was born with an overactive imagination. She loves to write stories featuring futuristic cities that can only be imagined, visit island kingdoms of vampires/dragons, giggle with mischievous pixies, peek in on faeries looking for their mates, check up on the naughty staff of an exclusive academy, and sigh over how in love a powerful business exec is with his wife. She can't wait to write stories with her talented, creative and wonderful CPs, Celia Kyle and Shara Cooper.

When she's not writing, she loves to read books of many different genres. She also loves to watch some of her favorite movies (too many to be named) and television shows, and listen to some of her favorite musical artists. All of these things help inspire her to write.

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