Monday, July 26, 2010

Romance Book Review: Talk Dirty to Me

Author: Inez Kelley and Ginny Glass
ISBN: 9781426890420
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina Press


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Charming love story featuring a college professor who meets a grad student he would like to get to know. When he reads her dissertation he decides that her ideas aren't quite right. What follows is a sometimes funny, very often erotic tale that will keep the readers wondering who would be the better lover -- "James" or Jerod.

Wonderful effort between two gifted erotic writers.

"Tell me what you want. Talk dirty to me."

Biologist Nora MacGregor is frantic when she loses her dissertation notes on female sexuality-and some very personal fantasies. Then a sinful stranger calls with a wicked proposition: if she talks dirty to him, he'll return her notes, page by page. "James" allows Nora to explore her deepest desires and challenges her clinical ideas about sex. But James can't give her the loving touches she finds in her budding relationship with Dr. Jarod Reed.

Jarod seized an opportune moment to fulfill his desire for Nora by becoming the mysterious James. While the anonymous, erotic phone sessions are unforgettable, Jarod longs to tell Nora he wants more than just talk. But how can he confess his deception without it costing him the chance to make their fantasies a reality?

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