Friday, July 16, 2010

Romance Book Review: To the Max

Author: Annmarie McKenna
ISBN: 978-1-60928-030-7

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

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This book has been out for the a couple of months, but I can't help but pick up a copy of an Annmarie McKenna book. McKenna has a way with erotic romance. She brings her characters to life and makes them a lot of fun to read. To The Max is no exception.

In To The Max, Max is a Security Expert who takes on a case he hates and finds the woman of his dreams in the process.

Jordan is a part-time dance instructor, part-time house cleaner. She is teaching a pole dancing class that is being attended by the wife of client of Max's. His client believes his wife is having an affair. Once Max figures out exactly what the woman is doing his attention is diverted to Jordan.

When someone breaks into Jordan's apartment while the two are together, he can't leave her unprotected.

A guy. A girl. A silver pole…

As owner of Jensen Securities, Max Jensen lives by one simple rule: Never take your eyes off the target. Once he spies lithe little Jordan Landon wrapped around a pole, though, his eyes aren’t the problem. It’s keeping his mind on his job.

Her job as a pole-dancing instructor might cause a few raised eyebrows, but it’s what she does on a speeding motorcycle that kicks Max’s protective instincts into overdrive. And puts the hurt on his determination to keep his hands to himself.

Years ago, Jordan left her wealthy, disapproving family behind to pursue her dream of opening her own dance studio. Approaching a hottie in a bar was easy in her college days, but now? If she wants him, she’ll have to put her big-girl panties on and go for it.

Once alone, their inhibitions disappear faster than their clothes. But when someone breaks into Jordan’s home, Max finds himself in an uncomfortable position—as the target of Jordan’s suspicions about his real motives.

Warning: What better sexual partner than one who pole dances? Just think of the possibilities… Add in a stubbed toe, priceless Tiffany and meddling mothers and you’re all Maxed out!

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