Monday, August 23, 2010

Just because it fell off the bookshelf: The Family Way

Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
ISBN: 978-1551665559
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Mira

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I'm a big fan of Jayne Ann Krentz, not only of the work she has been doing recently with the Arcane Series connection between all her genres, but all her earlier work, as well. I own almost everyone of her books. Actually I own every one except for the first book she ever published, which I could only find for several hundred dollars.

So when my new kitten was playing around the bookshelf my Jayne Ann Krentz's collection, plus a few other author collections, and The Family Way fell off the shelf I re-read the book just for fun. And it was fun.

The Family Way is part of the earlier Jayne Ann Krentz work published first in 1987 and then re-released with a new cover again in 1999.

I love her female characters in general. They are always straight forward, in your face types who aren't afraid to tell you have they feel. The men are always strong and handsome, but definitely not the pretty boy type. Many times they have a little trouble communicating with women because it takes just the right one to understand their eccentric personalities.

In The Family Way the characters are no different than in the other books she's written. Pru is an outspoken woman who was born and raised in Spot, Texas by a no nonsense aunt who tried to drum wisdom into Pru and his sister with quirky sayings full of Texas sass.

Pru has found herself, "in the family way" and she has finally realized that the man she loves, McCord, is really serious about the fact that he doesn't want to get married.

Like her Aunt Wilhelmina would say: "Give a man free whiskey and he'll get used to the notion of not having to pay for it. It's tough to collect after he's drunk his fill."

Deciding to cut her loses Pru leaves McCord without telling him she's pregnant. She has no hope that McCord will chase after her.

McCord has dealt with women who try to manipulate him before. He is mistaken to think that Pru isn't serious about leaving, which totally enrages him. When he receives a bill from a local clinic for a pregnancy test he finally understands what sent Pru packing . When he discovers Pru is pregnant he rushes after her to propose marriage.

My favorite part of the book is Pru's complete trust in McCord, even when those who are suppose to know him best, declare him the bad guy. Pru stands up for McCord's character. She knows the man she loves, believes in him, and isn't afraid to show it.

Although the story line seems a bit outdated, the book is timeless. Even today, where it seems everyone is trying to live together first, the idea that once there is a baby involved marriage is the solution.

While her vintage writing styles is vastly different from the her current work, whether she's writing under Krentz, Jayne Castle or Amanda Quick, this is still a fun read. Those who are a fan of her work and haven't read any of her earlier work might want to read some for the fun of it. She has always been entertaining and is one author who has continue to keep up with the times and continues to intrigue her readers.

Unwilling to force her live-in love Case McCord into a proposal of marriage, a pregnant Pru Kenyon decides to walk away from the man she loves. She doesn't tell him that she is expecting his baby, but she never bargained on how much Case is willing to do for love.

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