Monday, September 13, 2010

Love Inspired of the Month: Love Finds a Home

Author: Kathryn Springer
Series Connection: Mirror Lake
ISBN: 978-0373876228
Genre: Love Inspired/ Christian Romance
Publisher: Steeple Hill

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New in town and now the new chief of police, Jake offers to bring flowers to the widow of an officer killed while on duty. On his way he decided to take a detour and rather than give the roses the other officers had planned to give, just as they had done for the six years before, Jake decided to give an apple tree instead. Praying that he is following the right path, Jake shows up at the Barlow residence seeing two people trapped in their grief in need to find a way out.

Emma can't wait for the police officer who is bringing the roses to her home to come and go. She's been through this routine before and only wants to be alone with her grief, not needing to feel the guilt the officers seem to bring. She has her young son to take care of and her grief to hold on to. That is until the new police chief walks into her life.

Since her husband died Emma has kept her distance from the people of Mirror Lake and from the church and God. With the help of her son Jeremy and Jake Emma slowly begins to feel that she can bring good back into her trust and find a man she can love again.

Well written inspiring book about living with tragedy and trusting God to help fill the empty void in ones life.

Seeking a Father Figure

Widowed mother Emma Barlow knows her shy, studious son needs a male influence. And where
better to find him than in the mentoring ministry at the local church? But when the new chief of police
becomes her son’s mentor, Emma is worried. As the widow of a fallen officer, she’s nervous about letting a lawman into their lives. Especially one as handsome–and conflicted–as Jake Sutton.
But when her son comes out of his shell, and even Emma finds herself smiling, she knows that love
just might find a home in Mirror Lake. . .and create a new family.

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