Sunday, September 19, 2010

Romance Book Review: Burning Up

Author: Susan Anderson
ISBN: 978-0373774982
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harlequin

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 Even through the theme of the bad girl coming home is over done, this book stood out for me because of the heroine. Macy O'James loves her family, so when her Aunt asks her to come home and help when her cousin gets hurt, she runs home to take care of her. Macy knows it won't be easy to come back to the small town she left after high school, but she goes.

A lot of Macy's reputation is made up. While some might bury their head in the sand, Macy is an in-your-face kind of gal. She may not really be the slut of the year, but if everyone is going to think she is why not play along? Her family knows who she really is and that's all that matters.

My favorite part of the story is all of the great outfits Macy wears. One day she's a goth girl and the next she's a 1940s pin up girl.

I wasn't as impressed with the hero of the story, but he isn't bad. Gabe is new in town and never met Macy, but his attraction to her keeps him from seeing who she really is.

Good weekend read for people who like contemporary romance. Check out the recipes in the back of Susan Anderson's book.

She's So Good at Being Bad
Though it’s been years since the infamous Macy O’James stepped foot in Sugarville, Washington, everyone remembers what she supposedly did. The tiny town is still buzzing about her crime and lack of punishment.

Now back to lend her family a hand, Macy vows to hold her head high—especially at her high school reunion. But forget about the hottest man in Sugarville escorting her. Though she and fire chief Gabriel Donovan generate  enough sparks to burn down the town, he’s a law-abiding, line-towing straight arrow. So not her type.

But, maybe—just maybe—he could change her mind about that.

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