Friday, September 3, 2010

Romance Book Review: Can't Bear It

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Strange Hollow
ISBN 978-1-59578-666-1

Genre: Paranormal/ Shifter/ M-F/ M-M
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books


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Strange Hollow is a town where supernaturals who are out of the ordinary for their species are welcome to come and feel accepted.

Since Meg turned 18, twelve years ago the lioness shifter's pride has been trying to get her pregnant by offering her to the male lion shifter's of her pack. It has gotten to the point that Meg can't stand it anymore. Lion shifters aren't suppose to want a mate and children, but that is exactly what Meg wants.

She's put in her application to live in Strange Hollow and be accepted. Now she just has to break away without anyone being the wiser.

Jacob is a bear shifter who doesn't care who he has sex with female or male as long as sex is involved. Although Bears don't mate have mates, they are no bi-sexual bears, so he is now a happy member of Strange Hollow's community, having the time of his life with whoever he likes. Until Jacob meets Meg, who now his bear is telling him is his mate.

This is a real short story and would have been fun to have had a little longer so we could have gotten to know the characters just a little bit better, but otherwise a nice addition to the Strange Hollow series. It isn't necessary to read the rest of the series to read this book.

Meg is a lioness on the run. After being used and semi-abused by her pride for more years than she cares to count, she's leaving the pride life behind and heading to Strange Hollow. A new life, a new home, awaits her there and she can't wait to begin anew and settle down to make little lions of her own. Only, the one man who qualifies for the job also has a tiny little problem. He's a man-slut.

Jacob loves his slutastic behavior and wouldn't have it any other way. Men, women, either, both, they all do it for him. Until he meets a certain curvaceous lioness who changes the rules and makes his bear want something he's never wanted... a mate.

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