Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Romance Book Review: Doctor Right

Author: Janet Tronstad
Series Connection: Alaskan Bride Rush
ISBN: 9780373876204
Genre: Inspirational Romance/ Christian Romance
Publisher: Steeple Hill Love Inspired

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Maryann came to Alaska to find her cousin who ran away from her wedding. She had no idea when she came to Alaska she would love it so much. She decides to stay on and when she hears their is a nurses job with the local doctor she applies for the job. She knows from the beginning that Dr. Alex Haven will only be staying on for a short time more but she also knows the town needs him.

At first Maryann decides to find a wife for the doctor that would keep him in Alaska, but once she really gets to know him, she wishes he would stay on to be with her.

Alex loves working in Alaska but someone needs to go home to LA and take care of his brother. Since he feels totally responsible for Rocco needing help, he vows to finish his time in Alaska and move home to take care of him.

Doctor Right is the third installment to the Alaskan Bride Rush series. The small town is written up in a magazine about it's lack of women. Women flock the town in search of the desperate bachelors. This was a nice installment to the series.

Treasure Creek, Alaska, has only one pediatrician: the very handsome, very eligible Dr. Alex Haven. But the former big-city doc is counting the weeks till his contract with the tiny town is up. All so he can return to Los Angeles to start a clinic in his brother's honor.

Nurse Maryann Jenner is determined to keep Alex in Alaska by finding him a bride and giving him a new reason to stay. But when a little boy's life—and Maryann's hope—is jeopardized, Alex may find his own reason to stay forever.

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