Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Romance Book Review: Bound By Blood

Author: Elizabeth Darvill
ISBN: 978-1-61650-200-3
Genre: Romance/ Paranormal/ Vampire/ Werewolf
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Action pack short novel with an end of the human world thrill theme. Mila is a former vampire hunter, "made" vampire. She wants to get her sister away from a bad vampire set out to get rid of all the werewolves.

When she meets the werewolf pack leader under bad circumstances there isn't time to decide if she can trust him, all she can do is ask for his help and hope he doesn't kill her.

Now it is one fight after another to try to save the humans, werewolves and her sister before it is too late. And of course she has to stay alive to accomplish all of it.

Written in the first person action/adventure paranormal fans will like this book. Those who want a lot more romance in their story might not be as impressed. I like the story line, but would have liked to have seen more develop between the two main characters.

In war, the greatest battle is love.

Vampire Mila Deluca is as powerful in magic as her trigger-finger is quick.

Pack leader Bryce D’Angelo is as sexy a warrior as he is deadly.

Two equally powerful species, the vampires and lycans are natural enemies. Yet when Mila and Bryce’s lives collide in the midst of a world filled with chaos an uneasy alliance is formed. Together, they must right wrongs and impart justice in the face of a dangerous evil…even as they fight against the connection between them that turns to something far deeper than mere lust.

Mila and Bryce must become bound by blood before they face a final show down that will decide the fate of the world

Content warning: strong language, hot sex and plenty of biting

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