Saturday, October 9, 2010

Romance Book Review: Do Over

Author: Mari Carr
ISBN: 9781426890635 
Genre:  Erotic/ Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina Press

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For those who believe in Happy Ever After, Mari Carr brings a short story of love to last years. Faith and Troy have been married for 25 years. The high school sweethearts raised two children who are now off at college.

Faith is feeling a little lonely with the children gone, so Troy works to remind her of the life they shared before the children were born. In celebrations of their 25th wedding anniversary, Troy arranges a special weekend back in their home town.

Each stop the couple makes is a memory of how they fell in love. They start at their former high school where they had their first kiss after the prom until the spend the night at the hotel they spent their honeymoon night in. Along the way they rediscover the passion in their love life.

Very well written erotic romance featuring WOW bedroom scenes and a great romance. After the readers are done reading this one, you'll wish you were married to Troy. 

Sometimes once is not enough...

After twenty-five years of marriage, Faith Wainwright wonders what she'll do next. Her kids have moved out and sometimes she feels so distant from her husband, Troy.

Right before their anniversary, Troy gives Faith an unexpected gift: a journey through their hometown to reenact all their "firsts." Their first date. Their first kiss. And especially the first time they made love-only better.

Each stop on their tour becomes an opportunity for Faith and Troy to rediscover how explosive their passion can be. Now Faith knows exactly what she's going to do-Troy, over and over again...

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