Friday, December 10, 2010

Romance Book Review: An Amish Christmas

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Amish books are becoming all the rage now and who better to put together a series than Steeple Hill. Steeple Hill is known for its religious inspired series.

Patricia Davids has already contributed three books to the Brides of Amish Country series, including An Amish Christmas. In this book we meet the Imhoff family, a devout Amish family. When Karen Imhoff's mother died four years ago, she take responsibility for her younger siblings and stays with her family long after she should marry. She is a strong woman and even stronger in her conviction of her faith and religion.

When "John Doe" enters her life she knows the Englischer is not for her. Besides the fact he could have a wife and family that misses him back home, he isn't of her faith and more than likely he will move on just as soon as he remembers who he is.

"John Doe" is the name he was given when he woke from a head injury after being robbed and left on the side of the road. He has no idea who he is and can't remember anything, except the face of a woman looking down at him.

When "John" sees Karen in her cousin's Inn he thinks he has found the answer to all his problems, only to find out that she was the one who found him, but has no idea who he is. That leads off just one disappointment after another as he searches for who he really is and where he comes from.

This is a heart warming story of a man who starts off with a blank slate and as he learns about the Amish and their ways he realizes that this small town with the Plain people have lead him to peace and faith and a life he wants to be a part of. This book is nicely written filled with hope and joy just in time for the holiday season.

When Karen Imhoff finds a beaten man lying unconscious by the road in her Amish community, she doesn't hesitate to help. "John Doe" needs a place to stay while he regains his memory, and she has a room to rent. The handsome Englisher proves invaluable around the family farm, yet his presence wreaks havoc with her emotions. Karen has her younger siblings to care for. She can't fall for an outsider who doesn't know his own identity. But as Christmas draws closer, the simple grace of this life—and this woman—could inspire John to make Karen's dreams come true….

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