Friday, December 24, 2010

Romance Book Review: A Winter Tale: With Marshmallows

Author: Stephanie Beck
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61650-245-4
Genre: Holiday Romance/ Contemporary/ Paranormal
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Mona is on the run from her father. When she was young he chose a life for her that Mona didn't want to be any part of anymore. As the alpha of her pack, it was hard to say no to her father. When she found a mate and started a family, her father intended her for to right back to being an assassin once the children were born. When she didn't want that life anymore her father had her mate killed.

Seeking sanctuary with another pack was a big move for Mona, but she couldn't continue on her own and keep her pups safe. When she meets alpha, Chris, she knows he is strong enough to protect her.

Chis isn't about to accept just anyone as his mate. When Mona first comes into his diner, he knows the strong wolf is the one for him. He knows she has a lot on her mind at the moment and he doesn't want to rush her, but if he is going to have her as his mate he has to act fast.

Quick read that takes place around the holidays but doesn't hold a lot of holiday cheer. Could even be a good read for the rest of the winter. Great to sit down with, with a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows.

No winter night is complete without marshmallows.

Pregnant and on the run, Mona Renalds is a werewolf with trouble nipping at her heals. She wants a new life for herself and the twins she’s carrying. Embracing the future can’t happen until she finds an alpha male strong enough to take on her former pack leader.

Chris Meyters is alpha of Haven Pack. Mild mannered and progressive, he tries to reverse the archaic methods of his pack’s previous leaders. When Mona comes into his diner requesting sanctuary, his primitive instinct to claim her nearly consumes him, but he fights himself to give her the choices she was denied in her former pack.

Surrounded by the Pennsylvania winter of snow, sledding parties and creamy cups of hot chocolate, Chris and Mona are prepared to do whatever it takes in order to maintain the domestic bliss they’ve found with each other.

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I'm so glad you enjoyed A Winter Tale With Marshmallows. It's a great cuddle with a cup of cocoa story and I had a lot of fun writing it :)
    Steph Beck


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