Friday, January 7, 2011

Romance Book Review: The Boys Next Door

Author: Sierra Dafoe
ISBN: 978-1-60928-277-6
Genre: Western Romance/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

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For twenty years Annie has felt regret about leaving her home town at 17 and the boys next door she left behind. She had spent her life loving brothers Tommy and Judah. As they got older she had become Tommy's girlfriend and then in one day everything changed when she gave into her feeling for Judah. Feeling the guilt and knowing she couldn't live with it anymore she ran away from both of them.

Judah can't believe it when he sees Annie coming out of his old family home. All he can do is think about getting away from her and making sure his brother doesn't know she's there. She hurt his brother and broke Judah heart once before he won't give her the chance to do it again.

He just can't seem to get her out of his mind though and when it seems like she's still in love with Tommy, Judah can't think of anything to do but the honorable thing and let Tommy have her. But Tommy has other ideas.

Good quick read, featuring strong characters struggling with a love that has lasted through the years. I like the fact that the author doesn't make them just decide in the first few chapters what they should do. She gives everyone time to deal with all that is happening now that they are older, and hopefully wiser.

Love takes courage. Loving two men takes twice as much.

At seventeen, Tommy Ambinder was Annie Parsons’ first love, the center of her world. Almost. There was a secret spot reserved for Judah, Tommy’s elder brother. On the day she discovered Judah wanted her, as well, the aftermath drove Annie out of town—and a wedge between the men she loved.

Now, haunted by guilt, Annie has returned to Melgrove, Montana, with one hope in her heart—that twenty years has overcome the rift between the Ambinder boys. If they’ve mended fences, maybe she can repair her own life too.

Tommy’s missed Annie all these years, but he never realized how much until one glimpse reignites the passion that time hasn’t quenched. Something else hasn’t changed, either—half of her heart still belongs to Judah.

Now, with Annie poised to run again, history is threatening to repeat itself—unless one of them has the courage to break free of the pattern and blaze a new trail that’s wide enough for all three.

Warning: this book contains all the volcanic intensity of first love, searing-hot sex scenes, and two brothers sharing the one woman they love!

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