Saturday, February 19, 2011

Romance Book Review: Ghost From The Past

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Cattle Valley
ISBN: 978-0-85715-465-1
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M-M
Publisher: Total-E-Bound

Book number 22 in the Cattle Valley series brings readers back to the original trio of the series, Rio, Nate and Ryan. A long last love of Rio's comes back from the dead and it appears he will stop at nothing to get Rio back.

Back before Rio and Ryan came together as a couple, Rio was with a man he thought he would spend the rest of his life with. Already in love with Rio, Ryan stayed to help Rio pick up the pieces after the "death" of Rio's lover. Now to upset the life Rio, Ryan and eventually Nate, have built together, "Ghost", Rio's once lover comes back.

Telling Rio he wants to explain everything and get their life back to the way it once was, Rio tells "Ghost" he wants nothing but to go home to his men. Not taking no for an answer, "Ghost" follows Rio back to Cattle Valley bringing danger with him.

A very emotional story as Rio tries to work out his own feelings for his past love, and deal with the emotions of finding his place in the busy everyday life of his partners Ryan and Nate. I really like this story because of the way Carol Lynne works to continue to pull emotions from the original characters in her books.

Book twenty-two in the Cattle Valley Series

Happily settled in Cattle Valley with the men he loved, Rio Adega wasn’t expecting the one call that could bring his world crashing down around him. “Rio, it’s Chet. You’d better brace yourself, old friend. Ghost has been recovered, alive. He’s asking for you.”

In less than a minute, Rio’s loyalties are tested. Ghost. The one man Rio owed his entire life to was alive. Not only had he unknowingly left the African jungle thinking his mentor and lover was dead, but he’d managed to move on.

How can Rio make amends to the man who gave him everything, while still holding onto the relationships he’s worked so hard to build?

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