Thursday, February 24, 2011

Romance Book Review: The Lust Boat

Author: Roz Lee
ISBN: 9781603105958
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Publishing release date: Feb. 28, 2011

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Ryan hasn't been happy for a long time. When he sees Candace board his "floating den of iniquity", The Lothario, he knows that she is the right woman to him. After spending years held up in his stateroom he comes down and meets the woman of his dreams.

As soon as Candace makes her way on to the "Lust Boat", the Lothario, she realizes that her friends have sent her on more than a simple singles cruise to get her grove back after her fiance calls off their wedding. Lucky for her she has latched to a man who is willing to let her take things at her pace. But when she finds out exactly who Ryan is will that be the end of their budding relationship?

This book is one wild sex scene after another. If one is looking for a book that might hold with step-by-step lessons in the art of love making this one would be a fun start. Well written and exciting sex scenes. A great romance story amongst the sex scenes.  

When her fiancé called off the wedding and told her he'd had better sex with a blow up doll, Candace traded in her honeymoon cruise for a week on the Lothario, the most notorious ship to ever sail the high seas. Little does she know that Ryan, the sexy passenger who offered to be her escort as she samples all the ship has to offer, is really Ryan Callahan, the ship's playboy owner.

Ryan Callahan is single, rich, and considered quite the catch. Two years ago he and his business partner launched the Lothario, a floating den of iniquity where passengers can indulge their every sexual fantasy, but since the ship docked following its maiden cruise, Ryan has been so scarce he's earned the nickname, Monk, until sweet, naïve Candace coaxes him out of his tower, heats his blood, and steals his heart. But will she still want him when she finds out who he really is?


  1. Hi Roni!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed THE LUST BOAT. Don't miss the second book in the series, SHOW ME THE ROPES that releases on March 1st. Ryan's business partner, Richard Wolfe has his eye on someone too!

    Roz Lee


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