Thursday, February 3, 2011

Romance Book Review: Wait For The Wind

Author: Brynna Curry
Series Connection: Elemental Magic
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61650-224-9

Genre: Romance/ Paranormal/ Magic
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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In the third Elemental Magic series book, Brynna Curry tells the story Ryan and Kate. Thirteen years ago Ryan and Kate were in love and but lies and misunderstandings kept the two apart. When Ryan moves back home to Ireland he see Kate and realizes not all he thought happened in the past really happened. Now he intends to do anything to get back into Kate's life.

For those who are already reading this series, you are familiar with the story line and already know that the story splits off from points of view from different characters in the story. It also splits off into another world with where there are scenes involving demons and goddesses. I really wish this story were longer and gone into more detail about some of the characters, rather than just reminding what happened in previous stories. If you are just picking up this book, read the previous two so as to keep all the characters in order and the secondary story line going on in the series.

Ryan and Kate must reunite to break the second of a three- part thousand-year-old spell.

Kate O'Connell grew up loved by the Corrigan family, all the while suffering from the inescapable reality of her own alcoholic father. At a young age she gave her heart and innocence to Ryan Corrigan. For once happiness seemed within her reach, until in one horror-filled night, the monster she called 'Daddy' changed everything.

Too many misunderstandings forced Kate and Ryan apart, but now Kate's come home to open her clinic and raise her daughter, Allaina, closer to his family. Will she be able to open Ryan's heart to his magic?

Ryan is glad to be back on Irish soil, but the reason he left still haunts him. As he tries to build a new life and redeem his past, can he forgive Kate and reclaim his healing gift in time to save his sister and her twins? 

Content warning: Steamy love scenes, adult language

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