Monday, March 28, 2011

Romance Book Review: The First Ghost

Author: Marguerite Butler
ISBN: 9781616502324
Genre: Paranormal/ Romance/ Contemporary/ Ghost
Publisher: Lyrical Press

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Quirky paranormal featuring a young woman, Portia, who at first believes she is different from all the other women in her family. The others have psychic abilities, but Portia had never discovered any abilities, until one day she get a bump on her head. When she wakes up in the hospital she meets the ghost of the girl who had just died in the bed next to her.

Portia hasn't missed not having the chance to have any psychic abilities and she certainly isn't excited about getting the chance to talk with ghost, seeing demons and watch reclaimers take souls over to the afterlife.

With no other choice, but be haunted for the rest of her days, Portia helps the girl, which leads to helping another ghost. While in the hospital she meet a doctor who takes an interest in her. She thinks he's Mister Perfect, except for one little problem, he's just a bit shorter than she is. At six foot, she realizes she's a bit tall, but he's five-six and just a bit short.

While Portia gets to know the doctor, she also goes off trying to solve the murders of the two women who are haunting her. There are bound to be any number of sequels to this story as we watch Portia develop her skills and move on with her life.

This is a fun well written book that sometime catches you off guard and into giggles. The supporting cast and Portia's dealings with the ghosts that she meets keep up the comic relief, especially Boris and the ghost who can't stop crying through dinner. The demons leave you hoping that isn't what really happens in the afterlife.

The dead have no respect for anyone trying to have a life.

Portia Mahaffey always liked that she was the only woman in her family without a psychic 'gift'. But a concussion awakens her latent ability to see ghosts. And one of those ghosts is prepared to haunt her until Portia agrees to convince the police her death was no accident.

With no choice but to help Corinne, Portia reluctantly uses her new gift and some good old-fashioned detection to track down the truth.

Seeing the dead is just the beginning. Portia's world becomes filled with hungry demons, mercenary shadow beings, vengeful poltergeists…and one very alive murderer willing rank her among the dead.

Who knew hanging with the dead could be so hazardous to the living?

Warning: contains mild sexual escapades, ghosts, demons, and flatulent pugs.

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