Sunday, March 20, 2011

Romance Book Review: The Lianhan Shee

Author: Erin Grace
ISBN: 9781616502546
Genre: Holiday Romance/ Faerie
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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March being the month of the Irish, Lyrical Press is publishing a series of Irish Stories to celebrate. In The Lianhan Shee, Evelyn is the love faerie who makes a bet with a leprechaun. In order to prove that she hasn't lost her magic against today's mortal men, she must seduce a human of the leprechaun's choice in a week. If it doesn't work, she must be his love slave for a hundred years.

Think that this would be an easy bet the faerie sets out to seduce her victim, but there is just one problem the human the leprechaun picks is blind and if he can't look in the Lianhan Shee's eyes he can't be seduced. And what happens if the tables are turned on this little Faerie and she is the one who become enamored?

Cute little fairy tale featuring the not so cute little leprechauns we all have heard about. Erin Grace brings her easy reading writing skills and brings a story of magic blending together two souls who thought they didn't have a heart and showing them exactly what love at first "sight" is.

Love is blind…seriously.

Once upon a time, the powerful Lianhan Shee—the Celtic Love Fairy--could capture a mortal man’s heart with a mere glance, trapping him into a life of misery and unrequited love until his death.

Nowadays, it is all she can do to get noticed.

Bored and wanting to prove her powers aren’t weakening in the modern Irish world, she accepts a dangerous wager, one that could see her kneel at the bidding of a scheming leprechaun.

But, the mortal chosen as her target isn’t all he seems…

As the battle begins for magic gold, immortality and the soul of a man who sees what others can’t, will love prove to be the most powerful weapon of all?

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