Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Romance Book Review: Moon Cursed

Author: Lori Handeland
Series Connection: Nightcreature
ISBN: 978-0312389352
Genre: Paranormal/ Urban Legend/ Contemporary Romance/ Mystery
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

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Kris no longer believed in fairy tales or happy ever after. Everyone she has loved left her. Her mother through death, or brother and father, however, she had no idea why. So she turned her ideas of fairy tales into mysteries she had to solve. So much so that she began a television show called Hoax Hunters. When her boss tells her they have to cancel her show, Kris decides to go to Scotland and debunk the biggest hoax of them all. The Loch Ness Monster.

Little did she know that her world wasn't everything she thought it was and as she always suspected there were lots of real monsters in this world.

This is the 10th book in Lori Handeland's Nightcreature's series. Each telling individual stories about legends of creatures that live in the night. I was very impressed by the amount of work the author did to try to make her story believable. She completely researched her subject matter, relayed a lot of detail about the Loch Ness Monster and the surround area of Loch Ness Lake. I found my self googling the information. Usually for me that is the mark of a good story.

The romance angle of the story was well written. I was loved the hero, Liam and was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering who he was as the author kept her secret well until the end of the story. Another mark of a well written book.


Kristin Daniels is passionate in her pursuit of the truth. As the host of the television show Hoax Hunters, she's traveled to the ends of the earth to explore—and expose—life's most enduring myths. Her latest undertaking is no exception: Kris is bound for Scotland, where she intends to get to the bottom of the Loch Ness Monster legend once and for all. Instead, Kris encounters something far more mysterious... For in the ruins of the lake's Urquhart Castle lies a heavenly creature—a sleek, muscled man with a seductive brogue named Liam Grant. One look into his eyes and Kris is already in danger of falling in too deep. Is Liam for real? Or has the spell of the moon touched them both?

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