Monday, March 14, 2011

Romance Book Review: Road Signs

Author: MJ Fredrick
eISBN: 9781426891335
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carnia Press

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Willow and Cam have been best friends since they were eight years old. For some reason, Willow has never seen Cam as anything more than just her best friend, her rock. It isn't until she calls him to come to her rescue that she starts to realize she wished things were different.

For Cam it has always love. He knows that Willow loves him too, but she has watched her mother over and over again try to find a man to take care of her.

Just when Cam makes plans to give up on the two of them once and for all, Willow realizes she wants more. Now can the two of them find the right time for once and be together.

Nicely written novel featuring a contemporary romance theme. Good emotional conflict without going over the top. I liked Cam a lot. He's smart and knows what he's looking for. Willow seems to be a little slow if she hadn't realized all these years that Cam really loved her, but sometimes that makes for the best heroine characters. Willow is strong and commanding. She works hard to keep Cam motivated on his goal, even though she wishes things could be different.
Had she misread the signs?

Briefly captivated by the idea of romance and pretty, shiny weddings, Willow Hawkins agreed to meet her potential boyfriend's family and quickly realized she'd made a mistake. Stranded in small-town Nowhere, Willow calls her best friend, Cameron Trask, for an escape.

Even though he'll miss an important job interview, Cam comes to her rescue. When Willow starts to see Cam with new eyes, she wonders how she's never made the connection from best friend to best lover. Willow has one chance to help the man she loves—join him on a cross-country road trip to get to the interview on time. On the way they'll face a jealous puppy, an unreliable automobile and weather that threatens to trap them alone...together.

The biggest roadblock she'll come up against? If Cam gets his dream job, Willow may lose him for good.

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