Saturday, April 30, 2011

Romance Book Review: Her Wolf

Author: Rebecca Royce
Series Connection: Westervelt Wolves
ISBN 978-1-59578-568-8
Genre: Paranormal/ Shifter/ Werewolf
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

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The Liquid Silver hit paranormal romance series, Westervelt Wolves, came to paperback earlier this year. I happened to find a used copy at a local bookstore and was excited because I had read and reviewed several of the others in the series as ebooks. The series features a pack of wolves that lived for centuries in quiet on an island outside of Maine. Some thirty years ago the pack leader offered his pack for experiments to a mad scientist. In an effort to convince his pack to cooperate, the alpha, has a witch put a spell on all of the mated wolf males to kill their female mates.

After the remaining members of his pack rebel, the alpha flees. Now thirty years later the war between the former alpha and the pack continues. In book one aside from learning the surrounding story and meeting the players, the author also introduces Tristan. Tristan is one of the Royal 6, the third son of the alpha that betrayed his pack. We meet Tristan while he is locked up in wolf form and meets in mate, Ashlee,  in a zoo of all places. Tristan must convince his mate, who doesn't know anything about werewolves, to break him out of his cell and get him back to the Island and his pack.

This is just the beginning of the story. The story continues as the pair are forced to fight for their lives and save the rest of their pack from the spell that nearly destroyed them thirty years ago.

While the first book answers a lot of questions for the first time readers of the series, I didn't learn anything new since I had read the subsequent books to the series, but it was nice to finally get to read the story that started the series. Very well written as a first series. It gives a good view of where the series is going, but also goes into detail about the hero and heroine and how they made it to where they were in the rest of the series.

Currently Her Wolf and Summer's Wolf (second in the series) are the only two available in paperback. The others in the series are available in ebook on Kindle and Liquid Silver Publishing. 

Ashlee Morrison has a secret obsession—with a dark and mysterious male. The only problem is that he’s a wolf and she’s becoming convinced that she’s insane. But Ashlee’s wolf is no ordinary canine; he is Tristan Kane, third son in the royal family of the Westervelt Wolf pack.

Trapped in his wolf form by his evil father’s men, Tristan has desperately sought a way out of predicament and is shocked to find that the sad but beautiful redhead who has come to the wolf cage can not only hear him, but awakens in him the knowledge that she is his mate, the other half of his soul.

Ashlee, unaware that she is half wolf-shifter, agrees to accompany Tristan back to his pack in Maine to seek answers to her past and understand her future. But as Tristan and Ashlee grow closer, familial betrayals will threaten to destroy the fragile love they have started to build.

With the odds stacked against them, Ashlee and Tristan will either embrace their love to save the Westervelt Wolves or be lost forever to despair.

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