Monday, April 25, 2011

Romance Book Review: How to Date a Werewolf

Author: Rose Pressey
Series Connection: Rylie Cruz Series
ISBN: No # available
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf/ Shifter/ Contemporary Romance

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Rylie is having a real bad day when she meets her new neighbor sexy, handsome psychiatrist, Jack. Being a werewolf is already strange, but things get really strange when one of her clients gets a little upset after a failed romance and begins picketing outside Rylie's office. Then there are the nasty little presents and letters she receives. Two smelly werewolves that try to kidnap her and the goon that crashes down her door.

All she wants is to spend a little time with the cute neighbor before the family curse takes over and she loses her chance with Jack for good.

The is a fun spirited story. Rylie's character is strong, fun and amazing soft hearted, even when she thinks she's been stalked by her client. Readers will get a chuckle out of the antics, while seeing another side of New Orleans that dwell on the streets of the French Quarter.

Romance can be a hairy business-especially when you’re a werewolf.

As the owner of Got a Mate Dating Service, Rylie is more than happy to step in and lend a hand to lonely lycanthropic hearts all over town. No matter how hopeless Rylie might be in finding her own soul mate, she has a knack for helping others find theirs.

Convinced that she is stuck with a family curse, Rylie is positive she will never find her true love. But when drool-worthy Jack Chandler shows up at her door, Rylie wonders if maybe the curse is finally broken.

But Rylie’s life is about to become complicated courtesy of the after-dark crowd. When she begins receiving strange notes and harassment from a jilted client, events careen out of control.

Jack knows she’s more hassle than he can handle. What he doesn’t know is whether she’s seriously in trouble . . . or simply delusional.

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