Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Romance Book Review: Las Vegas

Author: Demi Alex
ISBN: 978-1-60735-248-8
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance/ Ménage

Publisher: Resplendence Publishing

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Angel finds herself in Las Vegas with no money after a failed attempt to fulfill her grandmother's dying wish. She heads into a pub where she meets three men with an interesting proposition for her. All she has to do is dance for them for an evening and they will help her get to France with her grandmother's ashes. Seems simple enough except after meeting these three handsome men, Angel knows that she wants to do more than just a platonic dance.

This first person account of a fun filled couple of days in Vegas, is a quick read and while maybe not for everyone, as it has a three men and one woman theme, the writing is excellent. The sex scenes are more than steamy and while probably not a smart move on Angel's part a girl can dream that three rich, charming men with a Irish brogue would find her irresistible and live happily ever after, can't she?

Determined to spread her grandmother’s ashes from the top of the Eiffel Tower, Angel embarks on a cross-country trip to Las Vegas. It’s not France, but it’s all her budget will allow. Too bad the screened observation deck hinders her plans, and when she attempts to slip her hands past the wire, the local authorities cuff her wrists.

With the last of her money used to pay fines and court fees, a complimentary food voucher leads her to a casino pub for a bite to eat. There, a late night proposition arises. Baring her breasts for a bit of cash seems simple enough, but three intriguing strangers change the odds and raise the stakes.

Angel discovers she doesn’t need Lady Luck when she’s got the Luck of the Irish. Laying all her cards on the table, she bets on a passionate night with Liam, Brody and Ryan. But come morning, the guys up the ante. The jackpot is tempting, but staying with the three men is the greatest gamble of her life and requires that she go all in.

Will Angel fold and leave Las Vegas as she arrived? Or will she add her heart to the pot and meet their ante?

Note: Ménage Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content, Graphic Language, and Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy including Anal Play and Intercourse with Multiple Partners.


  1. Sound like something that needs to be on my wish list! Thanks for the post!

  2. Thanks so much. Your kind words come just in time to inspire our next adventure as Lora boards a plane, searching to fulfill her lifelong dream.

    Yup, we're going international. Have your passports ready.

    Thanks again. I'll be sure to request that Resplendence Publishing gets the next story to you.

    Have a great day.

    Let loose!

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words. You made my day!

    Actually, I'm thrilled to run across this review as our next Moresome adventure takes off with Lora boarding a plane to fulfill her hedonistic desires. Hope she doesn't get hijacked and lose focus. lol

    Not sure how to contact you for a more personal thank you, but I do love that you enjoyed Las Vegas!!!!

    Have a great one.
    Let loose,


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