Friday, April 1, 2011

Romance Book Review: Santana's Heat

Author: Kitty DuCane
ISBN: 978-1-60737-974-4
Genre: Werewolf/ Paranormal/ Shifter/ Romantic Suspense/ Erotic Romance/ BDSM
Publisher: Loose-id Publishing

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When Luc finds a woman in his barn with his prize horse he is not exactly happy about meeting his true-mate at this time in his life. As head of the North American werewolf packs, Luc knows that having a mate now would be a bad idea. Someone is out to kill him and he doesn't think he has any chance of keeping a mate safe, especially a human mate.

Fortunately, Santana is not just any human. Growing up on the streets since she was 10 years old makes Santana strong and cunning. Strong enough to hold her own in a fight, even against Luc. She doesn't fight fair, which has always been to her advantage. She has no idea why someone is out to kill her and she's afraid that if she tells anyone that a wolf-man tried before jumping into the frozen river they would call her insane.

Luc and Santana are attracted to each other from the start and can hardly keep their hands off of each other. The fiery sex scenes are wild and untamed. There are a few BDSM scenes throughout the book, that some people may find objectionable. The suspense and mystery part of the story keep readers guessing until the end. The person who wants the lovers dead and the motive aren't really revealed until the last few pages. I would have like to have seen a few more clues throughout the story, but otherwise it was a good read with good story line.

Santana Jones barely escaped from the man-turned-wolf that attacked her during a camping trip that she'd won from a local radio station. But the radio station didn't have a contest and she didn't win. Then she meets Luc who thinks he can detain her while he figures out this so called mystery. Because of her past, allowing Luc to control her is out of the question even if he is the sexiest thing she's ever seen and she can barely keep her hands off him.

Luc Delemere, the powerful leader of the North American werewolves, didn't want a mate because her life would constantly be in danger. But when a bedraggled human crawls out of the icy river, and stumbles into his barn, Luc finds it impossible to resist his sensual, but stubborn mate. The claw marks on her body confirm she was attacked by a werewolf, but Luc wants to know who lured her to his land and why.

When Santana receives a note that says Leave or Luc Dies, she betrays Luc to save his life.

Can Luc untangle a web of lies and betrayal to find his mate before the assassin does?

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