Saturday, May 28, 2011

Romance Book Review: Howl

Author: Silke Juppenlatz
Digital ISBN: 9781616502867
Genre: Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Digital Publication Date: Coming In June 2011

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Looking for one of his missing pack, Zalin finds himself stuck in a cave with a man with a shotgun and the man's daughter, Lucia,  who is trying to protect him. Escaping with his life, thanks to the girl he can't seem to forget her. When Zalin sees Lucia again she's again trying to protect one of his own. Zalin is torn because he wants to learn more about this woman, but he really shouldn't because he's a werewolf and she's human, plus as soon as he finds his packmate he's leaving the pack and never coming back.

Nicely written paranormal/shifter short story featuring a strong heroine and hero. It will be interesting to see if the author continues on to make this book into a series.


When life hands you wolves, howl.

The alpha wolf in Zalin's pack is slowing going insane, which is tough enough to contend with, but the guy is gunning for the woman Zalin loves--the rancher's daughter who saved his hide. He's torn between taking off to avoid a confrontation with the Alpha, and sticking around to protect Lucia. Opening his heart to her is not an option-- he's had enough rejection to last a lifetime.

Lucia is fascinated by the "wolf" she saved--at the time unaware he was more than a canine. Zalin seems out to save her from his Alpha, but she wants more than protection from him. When spilled family secrets make her doubt everything she knows, she turns to Zalin for stability, only to learn he's planning to leave.

Will Zalin desert the one he loves when she needs him most, or will he howl a challenge on her behalf?

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