Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Romance Book Review: Seduced By The Playboy Heir

Author: Grace Cox
Digital ISBN: 9781616502676

Genre: Romance/ Erotica
Publisher: Lyrical Press 

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Lucinda is invited to Scotland from London by someone who claims to be a relative of her mother's. Since she was young Lucinda had always wanted to learn about her family. Since her mother's death some months earlier this might just be her way to find out about the family she never knew.

Taking the chance Lucinda get on the private plane of her benefactor and meets a sexy pilot. Not one to have a one night stand, she takes the second out of character chance of her life and sleeps with the man. The only problem is he turns out to be related to the man who asks for her to meet him and learn about her family.

Matt meets the most beautiful woman on his plane, but soon he realizes that she is to be competition in receiving his full inheritance. Used to being playboy he sets out to seduce Lucinda to find out what she plans to do about gain the inheritance, but what he doesn't count on is getting set in his own trap. Confused and unsure, he screws up big time with Lucinda and then has to work to get her back, but is the price of having her too much for Matt to pay.

At first sight this book is a simple Harlequin style. Rich man meets middle class woman and thinks she's a gold digger after what is his. Like turns out a bit more complicated then that and the story line is rip with conflict, hurt feeling, etc. That is this book at a glance, but once the reader delves into the story more the characters are well developed with strong senses of who they are. Lucinda is a strong heroine, able to take care of herself and anyone else who comes along. Matt is a confused hero, who you'll want to knock upside the head a few times.

The love scenes are hot, but not too overly erotic. For those who enjoy contemporary love stories with the rich and famous, this is a good quick read.

A mystery benefactor promises wealth, but passion gets in the way…

After being whisked to Scotland by private jet upon discovering she’s to inherit a fortune, Lucinda learns there’s a competitor for the unexpected wealth – the impetuous playboy Matthew Hardcastle. In order for either of them to gain the money, they have to run the prosperous estate together for no less than three months.

Despite the explosive sexual chemistry between them, Matt’s playboy attitude repulses the work-driven Lucinda. But in order for them to work together they'll have to put their passionate disagreements aside and call a temporary truce.

Their time together proves they aren’t so different…until their personalities once again clash and the only thing that can bring them back together is love.

Warning; Contains scenes of a sexual nature.

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