Thursday, June 9, 2011

Romance Book Review: Love Inspired of the Month: The Cowboy's Homecoming

Author: Brenda Minton
ISBN: 9780373876761

Category: Inspirational Romance/ Love Inspired
Publisher: Steeple Hill

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Beth is finally learning that she isn't the weak woman her ex-husband turned her into. She's returned to her home town to heal. Part of that healing is dealing with her past and taking the step to control her life.

When Beth here's that her childhood friend Jeremy plans to tear down the church her mother loved before her death, Beth decides to has to take a stand and stop Jeremy from tearing down the community loved church and also help him in the long run.

Jeremy came back to town for just one reason, revenge. He can't wait for the chance to tear down the church the he felt let him down. The one thing he didn't count on was the little spitfire his old friend turns into when she hears what his plans on.

Very nicely written story about two wounded people who are working their way away from the past and into the future. It is also the story of a community coming together to help when tragedy strikes. The good will of this community can teach us all about remembering to give, not only when tragedy strikes, but everyday.

Former bad boy turned cowboy Jeremy Hightree is back in town. And he wants to bulldoze an old broken-down church. Problem is, his old love Beth Bradshaw won't let him. She's got strong memories of that church—and of him—and won't let him destroy it. Then a storm sweeps through town, and Back Street Church is the perfect shelter for townspeople who've lost their homes. As Jeremy and Beth work together to rebuild their community, he realizes that God has led him back home for a reason. And that this cowboy's homecoming just might become permanent….

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