Monday, June 20, 2011

Romance Book Review: The Not So Secret Baby

Author: Amarinda Jones
ISBN: 978-1-926950-48-8
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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Looking for a hot, hot, hot romance to make you sizzle, here's one to try out. In Amarinda Jones' new The Not So Secret Baby, Izzy finds out she pregnant after a one, or maybe five, night stand with a man who claims to be a prince. She's satisfied with the fact that it was just a one off, but she feels obligated to let the man know he's going to be a father.

When Sinyn finds out he's going to be a father and that Izzy is the mother he's ecstatic. Inviting her to come to his island home to discuss matters is the easy part, convincing Izzy that they should make a go of their relationship is going to take a little more finesse. Can Sinyn convince Izzy to stay with him, especially when not everyone is as happy about their little news as he is?

Very quick perfect for those who like a lot of spice and erotic scenes.

After a passionate one night stand in her hometown of Cairns, Izzy Mack discovers she’s pregnant. The father? Well, he’s a prince of a small country off the coast of Ireland called Inis Daire. Izzy decides to do the right thing and tell him.

Sinyn Donnelly, the prince of Inis Daire, is thrilled and insists Izzy come to visit. He remembers the Australian woman very well. As for the baby? It was predicted by the local seer that his future bride would come from across the sea and would be carrying his child.

But not everyone is happy. Sinyn’s cousin is next in line to inherit Inis Daire. The only way they can take over the island is if Izzy doesn’t have the baby.

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