Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Romance Book Review: With Abandon

Author: JL Lanley
Series Connection: With or Without
ISBN: 9781609282653
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M-M/ Erotic Romance/ Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

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I'm a little behind the ball on this one. I waited so long for another of JL Langley's With or Without series that I completely missed when With Abandon came out in March.

When we first meet Aubrey and Matt in Without Reservation, (Chay and Keaton's) Aubrey is basically the bad guy turned hero and Matt is a kid working for Jake and Rhy. Aubrey has a lot of secrets and a plan for his life. His parents need him to get married and have some children, his pack needs him to be a strong leader and his co-works need him not to be gay.

Everything comes to a head when Matt comes to Georgia to attend college. Although the two have never met in person, Aubrey invites Matt to stay with him while he attends school. Once the two meet the fireworks start. Aubrey can't believe that he has a male mate. He's hidden his sexuality for so long and for good reason, and now this. He knows he has to let Matt go, but can he do it before Matt gets hurt.

Matt needed to go away to college and get away from the responsibility of taking care of his eight younger brothers. Going to school in Georgia is going to be a great new experience. He can't believe when he gets off the plane that the first person he meets seems to be his mate and its a girl? Even worse she's engaged to the man who he's befriended and is giving his a place to stay.

Matt has known he was gay and hoped for a male mate. When he finds out his mistake and meets his true mate that isn't much better, since his mate isn't gay. Or so he thinks. And then there's the little problem that someone wants to hurt him.

This won't be my favorite book in the With or Without series. The leads are polar opposites and separately were great characters, just something seemed to be missing. I expected there to be more comic moments about Matt's sense of style like in the previous stories with him. I liked meeting more of Matt's family and hope to see a story for Logan in the future and maybe more insight about Matt's dad and his best friend Bambi.

Love was never part of his plan…until it pounced.

As heir to an old and proud heritage, Aubrey Reynolds works and lives for his family, his employees and his pack. Agreeing to watch after a visiting werewolf is no big deal—until he discovers the newcomer is his mate. His very male mate…which is a very big deal, indeed. Revealing his sexuality was never part of Aubrey’s well-ordered life plan.

Much as he loved caring for his eight younger brothers, Matt Mahihkan knows it’s time to grab the opportunity to attend college in Atlanta. Realizing Aubrey is his mate should have been a delightful experience…except Aubrey treats him more like a dirty little secret than a lover. Yet Matt is a patient man. Aubrey can’t stay in the closet forever. Can he?

In time, they settle into a comfortable, if complicated, routine. Until a rogue werewolf with an axe to grind forces Aubrey to add to the wedge of secrets driving him and Matt apart, leaving Matt exposed to danger…and Aubrey forced to choose between love and duty.

Product Warnings
Contains color abuse with a really bad sense of fashion, a southern accent from hell, sex on antique furniture, a pouncing playful werewolf, obnoxious siblings, liberal use of a color identifier and impatient sex. No lightning bugs were harmed in the making of this book.

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