Thursday, June 23, 2011

Romance Book Scene: Lawman

Author: Regina Carlysle
Series Connection: High Plains Shifters series
ISBN: 9781419934056
Genre: Paranormal/ Shifter/ Erotic
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

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In her fifth installment to the High Plain Shifters series Regina Carlysle tells the story of Katalin, sister to Sara. Katalin has special abilities but she doesn't know how to control them. When she becomes angry at her father threatening her sister, she reveals a power to him that she believes causes the death of her mother and gets her and her sister in the hands of those who want to kidnap her.

Now safe, with her sister happily mated, Katalin can only wait until it is her turn with her mate, Gabe.

Gabe is the local sheriff. He knows he's Katalin's mate and he has been paitently waiting for her to control her powers and become his mate, but he realizes that he can help her.

This is truly a story written about the old west in modern day. The style of writing sometimes leaves the reader wondering what time they are living in. Very erotic love scenes between the hero and heroine. The story can be read independently but keeps up with a connecting series and story line.

In the deep of night she longs for him. Mate, lycan, lover. Her lawman. As Katalin Petrova struggles to control her wild and untamed “gift”, she yearns for the only man who can make her whole. His every touch burns, searing her with unimaginable pleasure. Only her strong, protective lover can tame the wild yearnings of her body and help her claim the power of her ancestors.

While Gabriel Dunham, lycan lieutenant of the Wolf Creek Pack, watches over his intended mate, his patience to claim her nears an end as savage need burns his body. Consumed by unbridled lust, he claims her, takes her, hoping it will be enough to protect Katalin from unseen forces determined to rip her from his arms.

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