Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Romance Book Review: The Seduction Game

Author: Anastasia Maltezos
Digital ISBN: 9781616502850
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Psychiatrist Kate More is doing a little research for her next book. Do men prefer the naughty girl or the good girl? Finding the man she is looking for as a test subject Kate meets Adam. Being a little less than honest with Adam may not be such a good idea and while she has her reservations about what she is doing Kate keeps up the charade just a little to long.

Adam, too has been a little less than honest with Kate, but he really needs her help now and after hearing more about Kate he begins to wonder a little more about her.

I had my reservations about this book in the beginning. The whole mess seemed get more and more like an explosion ready to happen. A little bit into the book, the plot evens out a bit and gets better. Nice, sweet romance book.

Naughty or nice? What do men really want?

Adam Tyler is gorgeous and charismatic, but his millionaire status  attracts the wrong kind of woman. When his sister places a personals  ad to help him meet a nice girl and settle down, he's downright furious--he enjoys his "singlehood." The ad attracts a pretty school teacher, but meeting her is the last thing he wants to do. However, when faced with his sister's persistence, he resigns himself to a dinner date. After all, A date with a quiet, unassuming teacher might be an interesting diversion. One evening won't jeopardize his coveted bachelorhood.

Writer Kate Moore thinks the male subject is perfect. She'll first meet this eligible bachelor as "Kate the schoolteacher"--sweet, mildly appealing, and very, very nice. Then she'll meet him as "Katrina"-- exciting, sexy, and very, very naughty. She can test her theory, quietly disappear, and settle back with another bestseller under her belt.

What could go wrong?

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