Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Romance Book Scene: Shooting Star

Author: Carol Lynne
Series: Book twenty four in the Cattle Valley Series

ISBN eBook: 978-0-85715-589-4
Genre: Gay MM/ Contemporary
Publisher: Total-E-Bound

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Wow! All the way to book 24 of the Cattle Valley Series.

In Shooting Star readers are reintroduced to Brac, the Hollywood soap star that is friends with Kit and Hawk. Brac comes to Cattle Valley after the scandal that has him fleeing Hollywood long enough to get things cleared up. With reporters following, Cattle Valley sheriff, Ryan, assigns deputy Al Jessup to watch over Brac.

Brac is immediately attracted to Jessup, but Jessup has a lot of things he needs to work out in his head before he can start a relationship. In the meantime someone isn't too happy with Brac and takes a shot at him.

Knowing there is only one person he trusts with the man he's falling in love with life, Jessup calls his best friend to come to come to guard Brac.

Nice installment to the Cattle Valley series. There isn't as much high emotion in this book as there could have been if it were just a little bit longer. Jessup's background story had the potential to get into more depth in character development then Carol Lynne normally allows with her heros in the Cattle Valley series. The series story lines as usually short. Had there been one that could have used some extra time and dedication to characters it would have been this one. That isn't to say this novel was bad or short-changed readers.

Plus this is one to keep up with the series, because I have a feeling we will be seeing some of the characters again in another installment in the series.


Fleeing Hollywood from damaging and false tabloid reports, Brac Riesling hides out with his friends Kit and Hawk in Cattle Valley. Although he believes he’s simply evading intrusive paparazzi, danger lurks just around the corner.

After years spent as a secret soldier for the United States government, new Cattle Valley deputy, Al Jessup believes shielding the television heartthrob from nosy reporters will be an easy assignment. Becoming infatuated with Brac isn’t part of the plan, and Jessup struggles to remain professional despite the temptation Brac provides.

When Jessup gives in to his desire and Brac nearly pays for the moment of passion with his life, Jessup vows not to make the same mistake twice. He calls in a favour from the only man he trusts with Brac’s life, James “Priest” Evans. Priest agrees to guard Brac at a secret location while Jessup searches for the unknown gunman. Jessup’s resolve to put a halt to the budding relationship with Brac is tested when he witnesses the easy-going relationship Brac and Priest have formed after only a few days.

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