Thursday, August 11, 2011

Romance Byte: Ascension

Author: Lauren Dane
ISBN: 9781419964237
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Publishing Date: In print Aug. 22, 2011

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I originally read this book in ebook a few years back. It is part of a series, but I'm not sure they are going to publish all the series in print. Definitely a book to read for werewolf and paranormal lovers.

Kari's simple life is tossed upside down. She's hospitalized after a dog attacks her, her doctor kidnaps her, and now a totally crazy man is telling her that not only is he a werewolf but so is she. And not just any werewolf but the queen!

She soon finds out Andreas is telling the truth. Being a werewolf isn't so bad when your husband stands well over six feet, is hotter than a movie star and richer than one too. It doesn't hurt that he adores and spoils her, and the wicked-hot sex is icing on the cake. What girl doesn't like cake?

But someone in the Cherchez Pack keeps trying to kill her. Kari is happy belonging to a big family for the first time in her life and she's not going to let one wolf with an axe to grind ruin that. Andreas, Kari and the wolves in the Inner Circle unite to end the threat and find the killer. It's kill or be killed and Kari intends to do the killing.

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