Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Romance Book Review: Seducing the Beast

Author: Jayne Fresina
Series Connection: Taming the Tudor Male in Three Easy Lessons
Digital ISBN: 9781616503024
Genre: Romance/ Historical
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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"Madolyn Carver had decided God must be female. Although shocking, subversive ideas were not uncommon in her head, this one she kept to herself, for once. And the reason for her outrageous
conclusion? Breasts.

Clearly, a man would have given himself breasts, since he was so fond of the objects and spent most of his life--from infancy to dotage--in their pursuit. However, not only was this habit
predictable among the male species, it was most propitious for Madolyn, who had a certain fellow to seduce today, and a bosom to assist her. Indeed she had an excess, about to be put to good use, if only it would temporarily behave itself."

This first paragraph immediately caught my eye and set the stage for the remainder of the book. Not normally a fan of historical romance, I found this book wonderfully delightful. Jayne Fresina writing style captivates her readers and keeps them interested in reading until the end.

The heroine, Madolyn, is a feisty to say the least. She lives in a time when women should be seen and not heard. The are expected to be docile creatures who only care about beauty and how they look. Madolyn is outspoken and at times down right rude. Add to that the hero, Griff, is very rough around the edges. He is known as the Beast and generally comes by his reputation because most people just don't care to spend anytime getting to know him.

He has a complete lack in trust of woman, and although is a married man and makes love to the virgin heroine while still married, the audience is well aware that he and his wife have not shared a bed in 18 years.

Madolyn isn't afraid to go after what she wants and right now she wants to free her cousin from unjust punishment. In order to do that she must seduce the Earl of Swafford, also known as the Beast. After a series of encounters, the Madolyn is mistakenly kidnapped and forced to unknowingly match wits with the Beast himself.

Some men are born to make dynasties and some women are born to make trouble.

Hellbent on arranging a pardon for her exiled cousin, Madolyn Carver will stop at nothing to achieve her aim, even if it means seducing the mysterious  Earl of Swafford. So what if he's known as "The Beast" and is immensely powerful? Plucky Maddy isn't frightened off easily.

Returned home after too long abroad, The Beast also has a mission. He must remove his younger brother and heir to the vast Swafford estate from the
clutches of a most unsuitable woman. When a misunderstanding leads him to mistake Maddy for his brother's cunning mistress, he takes her captive under the guise of The Beast's manservant. Now she can longer be a threat to his misguided brother's future, or so he thinks. And surely, The Beast's infamous iron will can resist the charms of one particularly disobedient, witty, intriguingly stubborn young woman.

But there is a far greater danger. A deadly assassin has come to the Swafford estate, and The Beast's fear of falling in love might just be his downfall. Maddy, the woman he won't trust, is the one innocent soul who can save his life--and his heart.

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