Saturday, September 24, 2011

Romance Book Review: Teaching Ms. Riggs

Author: Stephanie Beck
Digital ISBN: 9781616503154

Genre: Romance/ Contemporary/ Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc

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Benfi "Ben" Riggs didn't have any idea the man she was married to and adored was really a criminal and drug dealer. To make matters worse, he is murdered by his mistress who then sets her sights on Ben. Moving away from the city back to her hometown she begins a new life, but little does she know her stalker isn't finished with her yet and she doesn't care who gets in the way.

At nearly 40, Mark Dougstat is busy working his farm and taking care of his niece and nephew. When he meets Ben, his nephew's chemistry teacher, he falls hard. Knowing she's been through a lot, Mark shows her how patient he can be.

Teaching Ms. Riggs is a slow moving in some parts, and at other times pulls the reader in. Mark is a great character. He's loving and strong, working hard to take care of everyone around him. Ben could have let her past keep her from ever finding love again, but that wasn't what she wanted and Mark wasn't about to let her. Their romance and their connecting relationship with Mark's niece and nephew is a wonderful basis for a story.

The suspense angle and views of Ben's stalker pull the who story together.

It'll take a special man to teach her to live again.

Benfri Riggs has come home to Flatthead Falls, Missouri to heal. After her husband's murder, secrets behind the peaceful, successful life she thought they'd shared emerge to leave her deep in debt, infertile, and afraid for her life. Teaching chemistry in her old hometown is her shout of independence, even though she wants to crawl under her bed in fear when the terrorizing phone calls begin.

Mark Dougstat works the land, makes things grow, and isn't ashamed of the occasional mess his shoes cause. Busy making his farm pay enough to support his niece and nephew, he hasn't found the time or inclination to make the time, to find a good woman. Ben Riggs's humor and compassion change that fast.

But they're going to have a battle on their hands. Ben's stalker won't quit. What is between Ben and Mark grows and they push forward in their relationship, learning more secrets along the way. Before they can settle into life together, the stalker will strike again. Blood will be shed and lives changed forever in the blink of an eye. Can they trust each other enough to get them through?

No chickens were harmed in the writing of this book.

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  1. Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed Teaching Ms. Riggs :)


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