Friday, October 21, 2011

Romance Book Review: Dragon's Sanctary

Author: Nicole Dennis
Series: McDrakken Warriors
Digital ISBN: 9781616503253
Genre: Romance/ Fantasy

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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After her kingdom is destroyed by a fierce enemy, Queen Jana takes the remaining dragons of her kingdom to find sanctuary with a neighboring kingdom.

While still fighting the enemy, Jana is rescued by the neighboring Captain of the Guard, Taggart. As the Queen of the Ices she can only mate with another Ices, especially now that most of the Dragons of her kind have been destroyed.

When she meets Tagg she knows she wants him desperately, but can't take him as a mate because he is a fire dragon. While the two fight their enemies can they find a way to be together after all?

Dragon's Sanctuary is the third book in the McDrakken Warriors featuring a group of modern day dragon shifters trying to hold their own through a war with dark wraiths who live to destroy all in their path. When Tagg and Janna find each other their trust and live for each other is instant. As true mates they are drawn to each. I like this book and the author is doing a great job introducing the readers to her world of dragon shifters.

Seeking sanctuary for her people, an Ice Dragon Queen ensnares a Captain of the Guard.

On a boring reconnaissance flight for his laird, Captain of the Guard Taggert Stuart spots a pale dragon under attack by wraiths. After the rescue, he learns the dragon hails from the northlands of the Ice Dragons and is their Queen.

Fleeing the destruction of her home, Ice Queen Kristjana McDrakken races to Scotland to seek sanctuary from Laird Liam McDrakken. Sensual feelings flare between Queen and Captain. Both ply for leadership in the bedroom, but an Ice Queen may only mate another with Ice in their bloodline. This doesn’t bode well for a dragon with Fire in his blood.

In the midst of anger, can these two find a way to blend the bloodlines?

CONTENT WARNING: A petite Queen who demands all in the bedroom from an  Alpha warrior. An Alpha warrior who may or may not bend to her demands. No matter who tops, the results are hot, sweaty, steamy sex.

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