Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Romance Book Review: Secret Weapon

Author: Opal Carew
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-67460-1
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

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Janine is not at a loss for a date or a night of hot sex. She's testing her boundaries and going as far as she can. Nothing is going to stop her, not even the man she ran from LA to get away from. She's always had a thing for Sloan, but she's not the one-on-one time and she set to prove that to Sloan.

Sloan knows he pushed Janine away once, but he isn't about to lose her again. If she wants to live on the wild side, he'll go there with her, but can he really stand back and watch or has he lost her for good.

Okay first of all let me say, if you read this book, I hope you like reading a lot of sex with multiple partners. Opal Carew knows how to write a great erotic romance, but I find this one lacking a little in the romance department and really don't see any chemistry between Sloan and Janine. But if one is really looking for a fun erotic romance with lots of position and fun place this is a fairly quick read with lots of imagination.

There’s only one thing hotter than a man in uniform…when he takes it off.

Threesomes and men of the law have always been two of Janine’s biggest turn-ons. So when her boyfriend offers to invite one of his buddies from the police force into their bedroom, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. But when the extra man shows up, the last thing she expects is for it to be Sloan Granger—a man from her past.

Janine is the one woman who Sloan’s never been able to forget, and now that their worlds have collided, he has a second chance to win her back. Even though she refuses to let him back into her life, he’s determined to change her mind—no matter what the cost. His love for her has always been his greatest weakness, but this time, it’s also his most powerful weapon…

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