Monday, October 10, 2011

Romance Book Scene: The Mating

Author: Nicky Charles

Genre: Paranormal/ werewolf/ Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Smashboards

5 Hearts

Free reading through Bluefire Reader Application

The new reading devises out there there are a lot of ereader applications available. Looking around on the ipad I found a program called Bluefire Reader. The program offers a place for authors to have their works viewed, some for free. 

One section on the program is called Feedbooks. This is one place where authors upload whole books, parts of books and sneak peaks. The collection is eclectic to say the least. That is not to say there aren't some good choices.

One choice was The Mating by Nicky Charles. It was a really great find. Written in 2010, this book is the first in a small werewolf/shifter series and not bad.

It tells the story of Elise, the daughter of an Alpha who is sent to mate with a Alpha of a neighboring pack, Kane.

Both Kane and Elise know that their mating is for the good of both packs and do what their duty. While Elise isn't excited about the prospect she decides to go along without complaint and learns to accept her new life. But all is not right in Kane's pack and soon she realizes that Kane is blind to some of his pack's actions. 

This is a nice surprise read and a great idea for authors to encourage people to read their works. I've read a few of Nicky Charles books in the past. She's a descent author and this book shows some good work. 


Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she'd end up mated to a complete stranger. A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn Excerpt: She lay beside him, staring blankly at the ceiling. The deed was done. They were mated. It didn't matter that she had no love for him nor he for her. Political alliances were more important than feelings... 

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