Sunday, November 6, 2011

Author: Willa Okati
ISBN: 978-1-61118-424-2
Genre: Contemporary/ M-M Romance

Publisher: Loose-id Publishing

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Most times heart breaking, sometimes frustrating, Make a Right features the story of two men who meet as teenagers in a foster home, both shaped by their young life. Together they embark on a life in love, until one mistake breaks them up.

Six months later, Tuck is still trying to find a way to get the love of his life, Cade, back. The wedding of two of their foster sisters gives Tuck a chance to get Cade to forgive him. The problem is that Cade has kept a big secret from Tuck all these years. A secret that he has felt the guilt from everyday since they day they met.

Thinking it is best to leave well enough alone and continue to go their separate ways, Cade pushing Tuck away at every turn, while at the same time sending signals to Tuck that he still loves him.

The feelings and depth in the words within this novel will keep readers on an emotional roller coaster. This is not a book for someone who is looking for a fun loving romance, but well worth the read for someone who wants to read a gripping love story. This story is told in the third person, completely from Tuck's point of view, which really works to keep the mystery of the secret going.

Stubborn, loving, and loyal, Tuck would take care of the world if the world would let him. When he loves, he loves for life. Even when he’s on the edge of a breakup with Cade he can’t give up hope for their future. Tuck knows that a painful secret from his past is haunting Cade and driving him away. He swears he’ll find out what’s wrong and make it right or die trying. When he and Cade are invited to the wedding of a pair of foster kids they once rescued, Tuck convinces Cade to go with him. They’ll pretend nothing’s wrong so they won’t spoil the wedding for the girls they think of as daughters.

Being this close to Tuck again, Cade’s resolve stumbles. He’s falling in love again--but it won’t last unless he and Tuck can reconcile their differences. Though Cade wants to tell Tuck the truth, pride keeps his lips sealed. He knows his one chance at a reconciliation is giving up his secrets. The reward would be absolute--but can Cade find the courage to take the risk and face the consequences?

Two wrongs don’t usually make a right.

But sometimes, once upon a time? They do.

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